Videogame – Our client, IVASS, the public Institute for the Supervision of Insurance, whom goal was to spread the knowledge of insurance among young people, wanted to realize a web game, combining entertainment and information, both challenging and informative. In order to be interesting for young and mature players, videogame enthusiasts or casual gamers, “In viaggio – Occhio all’imprevisto” (“Traveling – Beware of the unexpected) – had to have a strong appeal and be attractive to a large audience.


The graphic adventure is the best suitable game for our customer’s needs, with its visual appeal and engaging experience. Furthermore, it offers the chance to add some textual content in the game and, also, as “extra features” . The game is structured in various levels, each dedicated to a specific insurance. The context is funny and adventurous and players can act as the main character of the game. In this “choose-your-own” story, this guy explores, making mistakes or correct choices, the world of travel insurance.


In order to have the best possible diffusion, including the website, our customer decided for an online game. For us, during development, the goal was a product able to offer excellent performance on any type of device.