In bitgears we can make your digital projects real, thanks to our know-how and strong experience in business and technology development.


Bitgears designers work for a strong visual impact brand design, that engages today’s consumers. We conceive specific brand attributes, to deliver a richer and clearer brand experience.

We take care of every detail that makes our visual project a balanced product involving technical requirements and a graphic impact

Through an accurate trend market analysis and an imaginative brand storytelling we also specialise in rebranding, updating your brand image

Our individual high profile skills, allow us to get a cross platform project done from scratch or to assist you in your ongoing projects.

Bitgears team designs and develops graphic projects of a various range and complexities. In order to impress. To convince. To leave a mark.


We have a dedicated team who can provide high-quality custom solutions and able to follow up our customers’ digitization of business processes.

Bitgears designs and builds websites. We make a great effort to design impressive, bespoke websites, focusing on effectiveness and boldness of your products. bitgears is a trusted company in development and support for e-commerce services. This give you an outstanding edge to give the best customer service available and to seize new exciting business opportunities.

Thanks to our app development experience across a wide range of mobile platforms and devices, and a refined workflow, we are able to translate your idea into an App, providing all the support and technologies. We craft our proposals to fit your individual business objectives, joining a custom design and innovative cross platform solutions (including Apple, Android,Windows), for business to consumer market as well than for business to business market.

We design, develop and re-engineer system solutions and enterprise portals, providing high performances and an optimal level of customization, to ensure more effective management of processes. Bitgears supports companies in maximizing customer satisfaction, building customer relation management systems able to keep track of the people and companies you do business with, help keeping good relations with them and remembering what needs to be done when.

We create games and applications, tailored to meet your specific requirements, on a vast range of devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Facebook, flash games and so on, providing to our partners every design and technological support. Companies need to push their promotional activities to a modern target audience looking for emotional feelings and gamification; Bitgears can expand your market with 2d and 3d videogames and advergames.


Content is king in your strategy, to meet your audience and consequently your business goals. Let us take care of both.

Bitgears can help you to improve your brand influence through valuable and discrete campaigns for a highly targeted audience, easier to turn into consumers for your social business model.

Most of our solutions drive to an emotional connection and high quality original content.

With a number of qualified technicians, marketers on-the-pulse and content strategists, we are passionate about delivering the best organic results for clients.


We are tech enthusiasts and we do love cutting edge technologies, seeking for something new, before it goes mainstream.

Bitgears VR technologies allow to create augmented reality solutions and to explore interactive, engaging 3D virtual environments Augmented reality adds another layer to the real world, and assure a high impact effect on educational , commercial or entertainment purposes

We develop full immersive environments in virtual reality to create extremely emotional and dramatic experiences, using the most innovative man-machine interaction devices. .