App mobile streaming audio – After Videouploader and other valuable collaborations with RDS, we have been assigned to develop the new official RDS app: a dynamic tool, with a strong usability and a visually appealing design. Details can be also found at


We have taken into account the public image of our client and all the request about it: RDS has a large audience, lively and active, comfortable using multiple services. So, since our app offers several functions, we opted for a design both functional, yet pleasant to the eye, to highlight contents and proper use.


Thanks to our experience in cross platform applications development, RDS Official app runs on a huge range of devices, Android and iOs, both smartphone and tablet and we have launched a wearable controller version (for Apple Watch and Android Wear). Users can easily scroll through functions such streaming audio player with songs lirycs, a complete playlist overview with audio clip available, daily horoscope podcast, on-air messaging.