Multiplatform appOstia Antica is the very well preserved harbour city of ancient Roma and, in order to spread the knowledge of its history, we have built an interactive-tour app that makes possible an interactive tour of the major houses (domus) of the city. Multimedial contents allow visitors to explore the area before their visit or at a later date.


We have designed a visual project not only in a manner consistent with the recognisability of Soprintendenza Speciale per i beni archeologici di Roma (the archaeological preservation Office of Roma) but also able to project a modern image of a cultural experience. A quite sober interface emphasises navigation buttons and lets the archaeological site takes centre stage, not just like a background image.


The stated intention was to make Ostia Antica available to a broad public, no matters if visitors or not, so the app is suitable for both mobile and tablet, on App store and Google Play store. Furthermore, visitors at the entrance can play every content using QR code.