Gamification applicationAEC Costruzioni is a Modena-based construction company and it’s a leading builder in many northern-Italy regions. They combine a strong sixty-year experience and a passion for innovation, and this is particularly noticeable not only in construction sites but even in general administration and personnel management. Master Builder is a software designed to make easier and more profitable the deployment of human resources and equipments needed in ongoing construction sites. A gamification application introduces game elements in working processes to motivate participation by using points and rules of play, to achieve goals in daily routine. Sicheo, the company that conceived the project, has requested Bitgears talents to develop and design the software and for 3D modelling.


All data are always available on the interface and the “player-employee” can use helps to complete the mission. Every construction site is visible on a 3D map of Italy and available by clicking on it. 3D models shows the progress of work in different categories of buildings (Renovation, new building, infrastructure…) and, thanks to 3D animations, players are very involved and their daily routine seems like a game session.


Master Builder digitalize the handling and the managing work and is made up of different sections: a simulation area helps to make practice by managing construction sites, making requests and solving problems without real impact; other modules help managing relations with suppliers, filling personnel lists (pointing up skills and document expiry date) and a reporting system improves productivity and traces every work process.